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Just reminding everyone that I'm alive!

My previous journal mentioned that I wanted to take another stab at writing a Pokemon engine and I'm starting to! I've been working on a battle engine for a few months now and although it's been progressing slowly (due to me having a full time job, now), I have confidence that I can finish it. I have a solid base ready and I just need to iron it out before adding some of the more complicated moves. The goal is to have ~30 unique moves implemented by the end of December. By unique, I mean I will only implement moves that do not already share a common effect with a move I have already implemented. So far, I only have 3 moves implemented (with all the bells and whistles of a battle engine included), and I think December is a healthy and doable goal. I will release a tech demo of the battle engine in December, regardless whether or not I have reached my goal.

Also, the battle engine is programming-language-agnostic -- I guarantee that any language, engine or framework that lets you load libraries will be capable of integrating my battle engine. For those who are programmers, you may realize that this simply implies exposing a C API. And obviously, I will make this code open source so anyone can contribute to it or use it for their own purposes. I am implementing it in Rust which aims to be as fast as C++ yet designed in a way that memory leaks are not possible unless you explicitly use an "unsafe" keyword. I aim for this project to use 0 unsafe keywords so it will stable and never cause a crash.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, the plan is to have a battle engine that is easy to use, expand and integrate into Cinder & Foam by the time Cinder & Foam comes out of hiatus. I hope to share more details as it becomes available!

And yes, that means I'll be back working on Cinder & Foam! Some of you may remember me as the original programmer of Cinder & Foam back when I was working on Pokemon 3D Engine Test for it. Although the CF team agreed not to make a 3D game, I will happily be helping out with a nice new 2D overworld engine after the battle engine is feature complete. Great things will surely come in 2017!
I've been a bit inactive recently. I decided to take courses during my winter break, so I've been in college full time since August. I'm probably going to continue to be inactive through the summer as I'm planning on getting a full time job. Finally, in the fall, I will be taking my final semester of college and then I'm done and the amount of free time I have will explode. Time flies so fast!

This is to remind people that I'm still alive. I am super stressed right now, as I'm in the middle of midterms week, but I will survive with a bit of effort.

I am really inspired to take another stab at writing a Pokemon engine. GameMaker really improved since I've last used it, and it actually allows me to switch paradigms and allows for hardware accelerated graphics (meaning fast, real 3D is now completely possible).

What is a paradigm, to the non-programmers? It's a way of doing something. Most languages are object oriented. This means, that for each object (say a Pokemon, the player, or a house), it has its own representation in memory. The issues was that GameMaker provides a limited subset of the object oriented paradigm. You can only make graphical objects (so, you cannot represent a Pokemon efficiently) and you are not allowed to make your own functions outside of the default ones (defaults ones include drawing, walking, etc).

This all mades it very difficult to make a Pokemon in memory. Fortunately, GameMaker now lets you use memory references. This lets you create a function, put the memory in the function, and since it's a reference, the function can change the memory. I made a proof-of-concept, and I've successfully emulated a non-graphical object (struct) in GameMaker. Maybe I finally can make and finish a Pokemon engine, but it won't be until I graduate (this December). I'm excited! :D
Hello all! After many requests I've decided to upload the source to the 3D engine used in a few of my deviations. To open the project, you need GameMaker Studio. Since I started, the standard edition became free, so you can download it and run it right away.

With that said, I haven't worked on it in years. I've been tremendously busy with my course work. I still remember how many hacks I had to put in to make it work. To keep that 2.5D view, the player had to be rotated so that no matter what angle the camera is, the player would appear as if it was just a sprite on the screen (orthographically). Obviously, an orthographic projection wouldn't work otherwise the player would always be on top. But with the angled approach, the player would go inside models as he went beside them (the default angle would make his legs visible but his head inside the model). The solution I ended up taking was manually creating a z-buffer and recalculating it often every time the camera projection changed. It was nasty, but it worked well unless you were doing slow rotations, where it was apparent what I was doing as you'll see the depths changing (in fact, I believe the engine lets you rotate the camera with some keys, play around with it).

There are probably a lot of things I could do better next time, due to GM Studio updates (controlling the z-buffer with shaders would be something I'd like to see).

It is provided as-is (meaning that it may not work, it was created in GM Studio 1.2, but the current is 1.4). I opened it and saw that the audo_play_music is deprecated. Changing it to audio_play_sound will probably fix it. You may do whatever you want with the code, but you may not use the artworks or sounds. Download Enjoy!

Edit: I have fixed up all of the compile errors. Unfortunately, the 3D view is messed up. This must have been due to an update for GM Studio. I will not be fixing it up. Hopefully, some scripts are still salvageable.
Just you guys know I have a twitter. Follow me and I might follow you back!
Most of you know that I program games using GameMaker Studio. It is by far the best application for rapid development, and the programming language is easy, intuitive, and will help get you off the ground for more advanced programming. If you do want to make games, GameMaker Studio Standard Edition is free for a limited time, and it's great for beginners:… It allows you to upgrade as soon as you start it! Have fun!

Just spreading the word! :D
Excellent news. That project I'm currently helping with, ENIGMA (a free GameMaker clone), has gotten a brand new member.

That new member also happens to be a huge Pokemon fan. So huge that he made Pokemon fan games as far back in 2006 in GameMaker. In addition, he has also agreed to work with me on a Pokemon engine in the future in ENIGMA.

Future is emphasized here though. First, we need to work on ENIGMA. I am working on a new editor for ENIGMA as we speak (you can load GameMaker Studio projects so far only). I'll add an RPG editor plugin too (the plugin interface is something I've been paying very much attention to). We are going to revolutionize the Pokemon fan game community!
I feel guilty of all the projects I've abandoned.

I just hate it how every time I asked for assistance, the reply was something along the lines of: "No thanks, I'd rather do things on my own".

I really dislike when people think like this. As a few of you may know from my last journal, I started working on a game editor, one that will be compatible with GameMaker. Since I've started, two other people who I know have attempted to create one too. Their reasoning: "You're too slow".

I am a full time student at college and I live at home. I travel every day to get to college. This takes a large chunk of my time away.

Unfortunately, their editor is not as complete as mine either. Instead of helping me on mine (of which I've been working on for over the last 6 months), they spend day and night working on theirs. Now they both lost interest in their projects while I continue to slowly work on mine.

Moral of the story:
1. Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't waste your time on something that already exists (or in my case partially exist).
2. You can learn best from another person. Both of my those two guys had less experience than me and made their editors rapidly but poorly. Now there are two goals that are lost forever. Lost effort.

I will get back to all of my old projects one day. Hopefully, I find good help. That's the only way to accomplish anything. Even if its just moral support.
I realized that I haven't made one of these in a while, so let's do this. What have I been up to in the last few months?

Well, most of you know that I like using GameMaker. Rapid prototyping at its finest. However, I always throw up whenever I start GameMaker. It looks plain ugly... So I wanted to change this. Thus, I started a new project at around February, for a better editor for GameMaker. Since I was in school at the time, progress was really slow (even now, it is unusable). This lead me to look for programmers willing to help me. And like that, before you knew it, I was the one doing the helping.

I am now creating an editor not only for GameMaker, but for something else - ENIGMA - a open source GameMaker clone. What makes it better than GameMaker? The fact that it's 100% free and it also runs a lot faster. That's because ENIGMA is compiled, rather than interpreted like GameMaker does it. It even supports mixing C++ and GML. For anyone willing to check it out here:

It's been in development for a few years and it's somewhat stable. The only problem is that their current editor is really slow and laggy, which I am trying to solve by making them a new one.

I bet a lot of people are wondering what will happen to those Pokemon games I've worked on. Unfortunately, they're dead at the moment. Honestly, I lost interest in playing around. I've gotten older, and it's time I take my programming to the next level and create useful applications. Sorry guys.

However, if I do get inspired one day, my editor will be there. Maybe I might just start something in the future with ENIGMA. Who knows?
I will be leaving on Thursday to go to Slovakia. My parents call it "vacation" but I think it's a fail. Neither me or my brother speak the language there. What's the point of meeting family if you cannot communicate with them? They will hate us. Point is, I'm going to be living on a farm and there is no internet there. I'm probably going to die of boredom... Wish me luck... :(
Well, I finish the semester in 2 weeks, meaning that my summer vacation will officially start soon.

However, I'm not to sure if I want to continue working on Pokemon. The problem is that my engine was too good. It was too smooth. Too perfect. So much that I'd think that Nintendo would get angry. I open my eyes to the possibilities, and there are too many. I always want to deliver the best experience, but what if the project gets shut down? It's just something I keep thinking about.

What do ya'll think? I might just spend my time this summer focusing on smaller projects.
And those some people are mostly my professors. It really sucks when you work on a 6 page essay for 2 weeks straight and think it's perfect. Then you hand it in and the professor says it's the worst she's ever read (well she didn't say that, but I somehow got the second lowest grade in the class). Really puts someone down. She tells you to rewrite it meanwhile assigning the class another 6 page paper. Then, combined with my History paper, the 3 homework sets (each set has 5-10 problems) for Calculus 2 and long Computer Science homework and the midterm exam right when I come back (which I would do great on, but this is about computer science history), I lose my entire Spring Break. Just like that, gone. One of my friends said that this is why it's called spring break. "They spring the homework on you and hope it breaks you".

I have 0 free time a lot now. It really sucks. Sometimes it feels like getting into college was all luck on my part. My first semester was perfect. Now, I'm having the worst semester I've ever had. I dislike classes where you have to analyze and your grade is based on the opinion of the professor. The trick is getting the professor to read what she wants to read, something I haven't fully mastered. The thing is, one person can think something is genius while another looks right through it. My professor disagrees with my analysis of the story. That's fine, but what makes her analysis more correct than mine? It's an essay on short stories, you can't deduce much outside information about them to prove your analysis. The outside information she has is the same that I have.

And I always dislike overhearing the students that speak most often in class. They fool the professor into thinking that they're hard workers, scolding the professor behind her back while never doing the daily assigned 100 page reading before class. Then there is me, the quiet and diligent student, enjoying the class with a deep passion and getting into the assigned reading so much that you read more than you're asked to.

Well, that's life. It's never fair. I'm not going to be the ass who tells the professor about her illusions of students. I bet the professor was just like that in her youth. I'm not going to be the one who constantly asks my professor for help either. I'm an individual. I have to do things by myself. My imprinted name simply makes my work transparent when they reach her hands.

What's born at the bottom stay at the bottom. If the hole is deep enough, you'll never climb through. You'll only waste your time and over-exert yourself.

And that's why I haven't been active as much here. Is anyone in the same situation as me?
I'm excited. I just got an email about talent show auditions at my college and I want to do them.

Thing is, I don't want what to do. I want to do something related to music. Specially, me playing guitar and/or singing.

I don't think I'll be able to form a band in time as I do not know any drummers so I suppose I'll be playing my acoustic. Anyone have any song suggestions for me? I'd rather it be something not so simple on guitar and I'd rather play a song with no high vocals as my voice is not high, but if you want me to hear something, I will.

Please, no Wonderwall suggestions! lol I'd rather do a song that's unknown for a lot and has a lot of feeling.

Maybe I might do electric guitar. I'm considering YYZ with the bass and drum tracks in the background.
I've decided yesterday that I'm going on a hiatus with my programming projects. The reason for this is because of school. I want to finish my time at the university in a total of 2 and a half years, and this requires me to focus. Looking at my syllabi, I am required to do almost 2 essays every month as well as having to read approximately 2 novels. I admit that it was not a good idea for me to take so many literature related courses, but they are my requirements and I want to get them out of the way now so I can focus more on Computer Science later with less of a strain on myself.

I will most likely work on my GM Kit editor in my free time (even though it will not work with my GM Kit since my Kit is not even usable at the moment), however, I want to at least make it compatible with Pokemon Essentials. I have recently overhauled the layout of my editor and it looks really good. Adding Pokemon in has never looked easier. It would most likely take me a month from now to release a beta version of my Pokemon editor for Essentials. Once Gen 6 comes out, you will be able to add those Pokemon easily!
As I've been noticing my progress slowing down, I've been thinking that I should probably find another programmer for my Pokemon GM Kit.

If you know or are someone who has been programming in GameMaker for at least 2 years, I could use you! Having experience in any other language is a plus.

It shouldn't be too difficult. I will give instructions on how implementation should be and then you must implement it. You are also expected to follow a similar code syntax as I for consistency and comment often, as if this was a professional project.

I am trying really hard to make this Kit usable. I have started writing applications for easy editing. Although it makes easier for people to use the Kit, it makes it harder for me to develop for the Kit (as I have to make more). Take a look!

As soon as I find another programmer, the sooner some speedy progress can begin! Two people means double the speed!
Yesterday, I got in a biggie with the cops. Now, I'm scheduled to go to court with two of my other friends who I was with.

The reason - I was in the park on the swings at night.

"Aren't you guys a little too old to be on the swings", the cop asked before he did a pat down on all of us.

The cops should've just told us to leave. It was my friend's last day in NYC so we were hanging out with him, talking about life. It's unbelievable. The court order says "trespassing".

They should start focusing on real criminals before putting something embarrassing on my criminal record. I've never done anything wrong in my life. I've never drank, smoked or even skipped class.

A friend asked me to post this here, so he could see the reactions.
If I were to do a programming live stream, would anyone watch?

I'd be working on my Pokemon GM Kit or some related projects like PokemonRisingEmerald or something.

Would it be too boring? If not, which software should I use?
I just saw The Hobbit! I loved it. I was lucky enough to see the high frame rate version in 3D. My first 3D movie lol. Anyway, I saw a lot of critics complaining about the high frame rate version. I thought it looked fantastic. At first, everything looked too fast (like the critics said) but then I got used to it and it was awesome. Everything looked much more detailed and crisp. I'm hoping that high fps will become the norm because I really think it's time for the evolution. Just seeing people's facial expressions in such detail was magnificent. Movies have been 24 fps since the early 1900s. It's time for the move. As for the 3D, not many 3D in the film but I kept flinching everything an arrow was shot at the camera. Not many 3D parts in it though haha. I liked the movie itself, but that could be because I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan. *does a smeagol impression*

Well, now that I saw the movie, I'm doing into a deep study state. I'm having finals all week. I have to try really hard to keep all of those As I've earned! >.<

After finals week is over, I have a month long vacation. During that time, I will devote to the Pokemon GM Kit. I have not had time to work on it much really, because of college. Therefore, I will challenge myself and make a battle engine during the vacation. I will start on the 25th and will end on the January of 25th. Let's see if it is possible to make a battle engine in a month!

As for the projects that use the Kit, PokemonRisingEmerald and Pokemon-Cinder-Foam. I've been working on the 3D engine for both projects and I've finally fixed a lot of 3D glitches. They're not completely fixed but they will be soon. I have to wait for the next few GameMaker updates before I can add some stuff in, such as lights. I've had 3 bugs in GameMaker that slowed me down, but two of them had finally been fixed along with other features that I was not expecting but they shall be used to the max. In RisingEmerald, we're still working on perfecting Littleroot Town. We have developed many variations of it and it keeps on changing. Hopefully, the final version will be completed by the end of this month after I finish my finals. In CF, programming has not begun 100% but it shall in the next coming months as the engine is perfected from RisingEmerald and then modified into CF.

I do not know when I will release a demo of the GM Kit (which will only be 2D) but it will most likely be between 3 and 8 months from now. It's a long time, but I'm very busy lately. Thankfully, I can not stop or lose interest in the Kit because of the highly potential sister projects that are RE and CF. Please do not ask to use the engine prematurely as it just gives me more work as I find things that work and things that don't work. Because I'm actually developing games with it, I can see how helpful it is or not and can change several things in the middle of development (and I'm actually rewriting a lot currently to make things easier and a lot more intuitive).
I'm here to talk if anyone wants. I would be willing to talk about programming, art, chicks and life.

I always exchange comments on dA and it'd be nice to know others more personally.

Comment me or note me your Skype username if you want to chat (I'll add you regardless of who you are). I won't put my Skype here to avoid possible spam bots.

If you've already had me on MSN, ask me for my Skype. I won't be going on MSN. Microsoft is discontinuing it as they bought Skype and I'm too lazy too find my password for it anyway. :p
First of all, I doubt anyone would care about any of this. However, this is not something I mind. People care about themselves and only themselves. Random strangers are not important.

It's simply that I go through a never ending struggle. I have yet to find anyone who cares about me. Not my family nor do I have any real friends. My family is insane. My father drinks too much while my mother is just insane and carefree. Whenever I want to help my mother, she replies "don't care about me". My little brother on the other hand, is afraid of just about anything you can think of. Fruits, carpets, kitchens, animals. You name it. That's my family.

As for friends, I don't have them anymore. They all moved on to dorm in their universities and colleges. They visit here over the breaks and they come over my house but it's not the same. It's not like I haven't made any "friends" at my current university, it's just that I don't care about them. It's as if I have to act as if I'm interested, as if I have any emotions at all, to show that I really care.

I don't know what "love" feels like. I turn to music to heal my empty void but music does not fit. I want to write my own music but I lack instruments. The only other alternative is to write my music through my laptop. Alas, commercial software have to be paid, which I do not have the money for, and free software simply does not have the features I'm looking for. It just makes me more sadder.

I remember I used to joke about hypothetical situations in which I lose shelter and lose touch with everyone I every once used to know. It's the classic "starting over" scenario that many people dream of. Except my difference is that I stay that way. It has come to my realization that I think about this often because I want it to happen in a way.

Now, I am not suicidal, I am too smart for that. Nor do I turn to religion for my answers. I believe that the way most people believe in religion is weak. Somewhat of Nietzsche's slave morality. I do believe that it is possible to believe in religion through the master morality but I have no found it yet.

I have never found a relationship, nor have I ever once found the one. I'm a pessimist in a way. My idea is that the person who believes that his glass is half empty is more likely to refill it. My grades in school are all high 90 percentages because I am modest. However, I have just came to the realization that my modesty is a lame excuse to make myself happy. I can do well without trying hard. I'm not trying my hardest now but I am doing well. The ideas I learn are interesting, and I am thinking about my Philosophy and Seminar courses as I write this but they will be discarded eventually.

My memory is very bad. My reasoning is my strength so I make the most of it. I don't even know what I want to do anymore. The world is damaged enough as it is. Just take a look at the percentage of people living without electricity. Just look at the amount of time it would take for the Earth to repair itself from pollution, which I don't think it can really successfully finish.

Anyone who is happy is simply ignorant.

Anyone who lives does so with hope. The idea that their happiness will outweigh their sadness. But I question whether it ever happens.

I was reading some of Karl Marx's works last week. Although I do not believe in communism or related forms, Marx makes excellent points. The workers gain less than their bosses while the bosses need their workers. But most of the bosses do not deserve their immense amount of wealth that keeps coming for years. Not sure if I should continue with this. Not everyone is born lucky and that's the way that the Earth goes 'round.

I do not know what I am getting out of writing this. No single comment will change my thoughts or make my happy. Moreover, I am probably making everyone else depressed.

And as I sit here, chocking on my dehydration, not wanting to drink my water due to my itching throat, I wait. I bought a book on happiness when I was 15. It was garbage. Happiness always happens to be a short term experience. According to Nash Equilibrium, even industries, in the long run, they do not make any money. 0. That is the money of nothing. Sadness is the lack of happiness.

I know I am the holder of my own future. But I do not even know what I want my future to look like. "Successful" is a relative word. As I sit here thinking about my future career, I notice that I do not want to be a programmer. As all of my old colleagues wish to be doctors, I will be one who sits in front of a piece of metal solving small puzzles called advanced algorithms. I want to be more but I do not know what.

Maybe I am the one who is ignorant and am not seeing the happiness?

That is life.


Last week, Jimsta28 told me that he was also making a Pokemon game in GameMaker (no, he's not making a Kit though, just a game). I just wanted to show you guys another person who is making a Pokemon game in GameMaker other than me. He just uploaded some screenshots and he seems to be further along me in terms of progress but he's looking for someone to help him with graphics.

Another user who is making an RPG game in GameMaker is Demise-Hawk and by the screenshots, it's turning out amazingly.

Check them out! :p

I really like seeing projects using GameMaker. It's the tool of the future! Let it dominate the limited RPG Maker XP!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted any screenshots of my Pokemon GM Kit yet. I've been quite busy away at college, so I don't have much time to work. However, my month long winter break is approaching (in January) and when that time comes, I'll start working 24/7. In addition to programming stuff, I still need to create the tiles. I have all of BW and BW2 ripped so that shouldn't take long but it should still take up a decent amount of my time. It is going to look amazing though. I have created a Path Editor program that creates paths that looks like BW's paths and I think it'll give the Kit a major boost in the way it looks. Check out a small path that Deorro has been working on for Pokemon RisingEmerald, it looks amazing!…